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Puerto Rican born, currently living in Miami FL. * Sports Lover (New York Yankees, Real Madrid, Gonzalo Higuaín, Brazil NT). * Adventure Seeker. * I’m totally passionate about my profession. * I LOVE traveling. * Brazil is the best soccer team in the history of the sport. * New York is my favorite city (until I can go to Madrid and Sao Paulo). * (If you wanna know more, there's an ask thingy) *


"Modric joins the party!!! He left Mestalla and the team is waiting for him on the plane. He’ll be in Cibeles."

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Campeones !!!

Hala Madrid !!!!


*Benzema on Facebook*

Carlo Ancelotti’s 900th game as a coach! Congrats Mister!

Arbeloa on Twitter

"Good afternoon everyone. I’m happy with today’s game and the goals. Thank you everyone. Greetings."

*Gonzalo scored his 1st hat-trick with Napoli today..*

I’m looking for someone that lives in Madrid/Spain.. I want to buy Real Madrid’s jerseys but they never have my size or the numbers available!

If you’re willing to help a fellow Madridista please let me know!!! :)

Any of my followers from Spain? I need someone willing to buy me 2 Real Madrid jerseys.. I’ve been trying to buy them since November but they never have my size!!! :(

Cristiano’s goal vs Borussia Dortmund! Assist: Luka Modric!